Novo Counseling & Advocacy, LLC

Novo is a latin expression meaning to begin again, refresh, revive, change, alter or invent. I created Novo Counseling to help individuals, couples, and families heal and grow when dealing with challenges and changes. Whether you are looking to cope with a particular situation or you are looking to make a drastic change, I will help you achieve that, while making sure that you remain in a safe and loving environment.

I believe in using an active and collaborative style of therapy. Although I will spend plenty of time actively listening to your concerns and problems, I will work with you to actively create changes that will help you move forward from where you currently are. This change happens by making you aware of how you are thinking and feeling at particular times and how this is affecting your mood and behaviors. Therapeutic change occurs with the rediscovery of yourself, by gaining an understanding of how you function both in your world and within therapy sessions.

Feeling better is a short-term fix. What transforms people’s lives is getting better, at building their personal relationships, building their careers, building their life skills and goals, building their lives. Because happiness isn’t a gift, or a right, or luck. It’s a skill. Together we’ll build the skills that help you build the life you want. Psychological support needs to be delivered to a receptive and open mind and one which is prepared to undertake work on the techniques both in and out of therapy sessions. Like most things in life, we only get out of it what we put in. Be prepared to work at it. Counseling will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it.



Whether it’s a spouse, a child, a parent, a sibling, or another family member or friend, grieving can take many forms and is a very difficult transition. I have experienced first hand the impact of losing a love one. Everyone experiences …

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Trauma is a distressing event in which a person feels severely threatened emotionally, psychologically, or physically. Most people will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives, such as a car accident, abuse or neglect, the …

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Women’s Issues

Women often struggle with mild depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties or report that they just “don’t feel happy”. Often times these are during particular life transition times, such as starting a family, having children start …

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Life Changes

The midlife transition is simply another, normal transition to another stage of life. In midlife, people often reevaluate their priorities and goals. Whether this transition will develop into serious depression or into an opportunity for growth …

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Although parenting can be a very joyful journey, it can also be one of the main areas of stress and can affect our lives and relationships. There are many stages in the parenting journey that bring new challenges. A new baby, although something …

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The teen years are a time of rapid transition. Teenagers are trying to figure out who they are as a person, how are they different to their peers and parents, what they believe in, what do they want to do with their lives, how do they get to …

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Relationships require work and are bound to face challenges large and small. Simple, everyday stressors can strain an intimate relationship, and major sources of stress may threaten the stability of the relationship. As long as each partner …

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Whether you’re at the beginning of discovering your sexual identity or have already identified, it is difficult to find a therapist with which you can be open and feel accepted. Whether you’re facing challenges due to your sexual preference …

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10 tips for less stressful mornings

Self-esteem and confidence are major traits in individuals that affect their success. While these are a lifelong process, …


10 tips for less stressful mornings

Self-esteem and confidence are major traits in individuals that affect their success. While these are a lifelong process, …